Saturday, June 4, 2011

The New House(Warming Party)

So recently (about 3 months ago) I moved into my friend Ben's new house.  To celebrate we had everyone over for a BBQ.  This is what it looked like.
 These jokers were there as usual
 Jacqueline showed up awkwardly
 I even convinced my friend Jimmy to come out of the city and party with us!
 Gale showed up looking creepy as ever...
 It bummed everyone out
 Hoodie Allen!  What up Marina!
 Gary stood around looking like he was about to get hit by a bus
 Emad was in charge of bar tending and throwing up devil horns 
 Oh shit!  Caught by surprise...
 Kim looking vicious.  Cody was loving it.
 Cody made the rounds with the girls this night.  Hes just getting warmed up here with Kulanga
 John gets background props
 He gets them here as well!
 Cody and Marina needed another one I guess
 Tim and his sister showed up.
 Then they demanded to see my camera.  No can do...
 Obviously the first thing Cody did was take a picture with the new chick. "Now take a picture of us and Ike!"
 Clayton got some action too.
 Dang, Cody really stole the show this time around. Way to go!
 Even Jeff made it to the party.  Hes my other roommate except that hes only around like 40 percent of the time.
 Stephen Duffel even showed up to rage!
 And Mike Wilk with his lady.  The night couldn't have gotten much better
 John is always rap battling.  Even when all he's doing is talking
 Ike is one of those dogs that is so ugly hes cute.
 And he loves people food, like all dogs
 The ladies team at the beer pong table
 Looking good dudes!
 Nothing like the passionate gaze between two men to start your heart a-fluttering 
 Surprised again!
 Looks like someones feeling it.  Better end it on that note...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

John the Hairdresser Gets Married Again

Well its been a while since this actually happened, but between general laziness, skateboarding, working, moving and doing other things I'm finally getting around to JTHD's wedding afterparty.  I didn't get to go to the actual ceremony, but I made the party, drank too much and slept on a bearskin.  All in all pretty awesome...  
This was the first thing I saw pretty much when I got there.  Casey in the billin and he's feelin himself!
Marcy was drunk when I got there.  She passed out not long after I arrived.
A few beautiful ladies... My favorite part about this picture though is the guy in the background.  He looks like he just took a bite of something disgusting and is about to vomit.  Rock on guys!
And so Mr. Loveless rocked.
They wouldn't, however, play Freebird, no matter how many times anyone yelled it.
Its cool though, despite that, Brendin was stoked!  Check out the DSLs on that guy!
Rob sang a bunch of stuff
The newly married couple stared each other down on the dance floor
"I'd like to interrupt here for a second just to hear myself talk..."
Jesse was filming a music video for the band and he made sure everyone in the crowd was stoked
Needless to say, these children certainly were
Occasionally, Rob shirks his celebrity status and rocks out with the crowd

Cody and Clayton were there too and once Big John got on the dancefloor, things got weird
I don't have any photos of what transpired, but Chrystal's face says a sentence-full 
John was embarrassed so he did the right thing... drank more beer.
It was ok though, there was plenty
Gary was there too! High five!
Dominik was there also looking as suspect as possible
In the house there was a big bear with a sticky note on him
 Upon closer inspection, this is what it said.  I didn't get a chance to ask...

There was also a rock telling me not to do stuff to the bear
That was obviously the first thing Shawn disregarded in taking this picture
I believe this was the first casualty of the night. 
It was getting late and people started saying their goodbyes
Someone claimed the bear rug as their own.  "SUCH A GOOD IDEA" I thought to myself...
Then Shawn and I had a little photo shoot
Couple of classy dudes at a wedding party
SNAKED!  I won the bear rug and the spot under the pool table after someone moved the previous persons belongings that were there.
Someone brought in this nasty chair from outside to sleep on
In the morning everyone was pretty much feeling like this...
But we all helped clean up anyway.  Everyone but Theron of course.  He stood around and made sure Gary was doing his job right.